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Should I sell my property myself or through a real estate agency?

Should I sell my property myself or through a real estate agency?

As regards this question, people are basically divided into three groups: "Never use a real estate agent!", "I’ve only ever known brilliant brokers, so only sell through a real estate agency!" and last but not least, "Hard to say. It's probably easier to use a real estate agency, but how to choose the right one?”. The first two groups will probably not read this article anyway, and if they do, it will be difficult to change their minds. That's perfectly fine, because I do not intend to convince any group here that they are looking at  things incorrectly. Such hardened opinions are usually based on bitter experience! And when I see some real estate agents doing their job, I'm not at all surprised by a group that wouldn't let a broker near them again. Likewise, when  I see others, I'm not surprised that after the experience with them, the owner would not even think to sell any other way. The crucial thing here is that people from this group should always call only one particular broker, not the real estate agency they worked for at the time because it had a nice logo or a nice advertisement, etc. It’s all about a specific person, not the company! Therefore, I would alter the title of the article a bit to better reflect the facts and would instead write: "Should I sell the property with the help of a broker or myself?"




It is much easier to answer this question. It presents itself when we look at people's experiences at the beginning of the article and I would formulate it like this: "Yes, sell with the help of a broker, but only a good quality and capable broker." Only such a broker can ensure that the property is sold for the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time, which also earns them a commission and everyone is satisfied. And yes, even the buyers are happier, because they pay a high but fair price for the property, as well as getting the services of a person who really knows their craft will be appreciated by all parties! And if the property sells for 300,000 CZK more than you could have managed on your own thanks to the great strategy and knowledge of your negotiator, then the broker really deserves that 100,000 CZK commission, don't you think? And yes, a good broker with this knowledge and skills will simply sell real estate better than someone doing it for the first time. The model of the website Bezrealitky, where the seller thinks that if the potential buyer saves on commission, they can simply increase the price of the property by so much and add 10% to any discounts and thus photo the property on their phone and chuck it on a server does not work. It only works if both the people on the side of the seller and the buyer are united in the opinion, "Never use a  real estate agent!" But still then one side (the one who cannot negotiate as well as the other) always suffers considerably.


But I only suggest that using a real estate agent is better. I'm not saying that a property sale can't be successful without one! It can work! But you can't just go into it as a complete amateur, without doing a lot of  study! I'm sure that if you go through all the articles in this thread and mix in some information about how to sell your own specific property so that you can set a good strategy and secure a position for negotiations, you could have most brokers who have been doing it for years, but not very well, in the pocket! And you can do it all by yourself! So then all you have to do is decide whether you want to devote these goodness knows how many hours to such preparation, or rather a fraction of that time to choose the right broker and save yourself a lot of anxiety during the sale process. Or to save an even bigger portion of time by just clicking on one of the options to contact me! ???? No one can help you with that particular decision, I'm afraid. It's entirely up to you!

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