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Welcome to RELP - The Real estate help!

Welcome to RELP - The Real estate help! is a project that goes all out to help expats in the Czech Republic find their way in the real estate market. We want to guide you through real estate deals smoothly and safely, regardless of whether it’s a sale, purchase or rental. By the same token, we can responsibly handle all questions relating to the money side of things, too. For all real estate deals and financing, we can also recommend someone in your local area who can walk you through everything  so you’re 100% satisfied! We guarantee the quality of the people we work with!

There are some articles (the really specific ones) and also downloadable content as translated laws, legal documents templates (with detailed English explanation about how to fill them out) etc. which cost us a lot of work to create, mostly in our free time after work... Therefore there is paywall to get access to this section. The payment is in our opinion really symbolic and gives you full access for ever. (also for new content in the future!) So we take it more as contribution for future development and not as a payment - and so we are grateful for each one of our new members! Thank you in advance! :-)